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Keep your executives up to date on industry trends and competitors
Track your news reach and influence across multiple sources
Build media relationships and target the right audience
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Don’t waste time switching between multiple sources to stay informed. Let Newsprint bring all your essential updates together.
Monitor for mentions of your company, clients, and competitors across 100k+ publications
Focus on what matters with summaries and analysis written just for you
Avoid unwanted coverage by telling our AI analyst exactly what you want, in plain English
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Stay ahead with tailored insights on your company's key interests, competitors, and industry trends, all delivered straight to your inbox.
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Latest News
Real-time updates based on news about your company, products, and clients.
Competitive Intelligence
Monitor for mentions of your competitors' financial performance, market positioning, and more.
Industry Insights
Receive customized briefings on industry trends and related sectors.
Commercial Developments
Follow major contracts, partnerships, and sales announcements.
Regulatory Policies
Track the latest updates on regulations affecting your industry.
Crisis Monitoring
Get alerts on negative developments regarding your company.

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Katie Kennedy
SVP, Communications
This is an incredible tool. Just this morning it allowed us to pinpoint valuable coverage related to one of our clients. Enjoy getting these in my inbox each morning."
Christian Rizzo
VP, Public Relations
"My team and I have been loving the Newsprint briefs. The coverage has been very helpful in identifying new targets and we've since landed a story in Bloomberg."

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