Turning Over A New Page for Personalized News: Newsprint Acquires the Daily Nugt

February 14, 2024
5 minutes

Jono Matusky here, the founder of Newsprint, sharing a big update. At Newsprint, we're committed to helping busy communications professionals stay on top of the most relevant news stories. We already monitor thousands of online publications, but we know that users get their news from all kinds of sources, from email newsletters to videos to social media.

To ensure that we're providing 360 views of the news to each one of our readers, we've taken a big step this week: We officially acquired Daily Nugt, the AI-curated newsletter platform developed by serial entrepreneur Tibo Louis-Lucas, the creator behind Tweet Hunter, Taplio and Typframes.

Daily Nugt offers three big features we'll soon be incorporating into Newsprint: newsletter, video, and social media monitoring. This means that soon, Newsprint users won't just see articles written about topics that interest them. They'll see summaries of conversations happening on social media, deep dives on Youtube, stories published exclusively in newsletters, and more.

Newsprint Acquires Daily Nugt

Launched as a side project, Daily Nugt quickly built a community of 1,500 users by cleverly curating content from newsletters and YouTube transcripts, and it's been on our radar for a while now thanks to Tibo’s role as a mentor in the startup community. While Tibo will remain focused on his other projects, his spirit of innovation will continue to thrive under the Newsprint brand. As Tibo told me:  

"I'm proud to see Daily Nugt join forces with Newsprint. Jono’s commitment to personalizing news delivery aligns with the vision of Daily Nugt. I’m excited to watch as Newsprint extends its reach and functionality, making news more accessible and relevant to individuals worldwide."

Adding More Functionality for Newsprint Users 

We currently review tens of thousands of articles every day. We handpick and summarize high-impact stories using advanced AI and machine learning technologies. We then enable users to fine-tune their daily news feeds to the precise industry, client, or category they need to follow. 

The acquisition builds on our foundation by adding two new hot media categories to our curation: newsletters and Youtube transcriptions. It follows on the heels of Newsprint's recent beta launch and our 2023 acquisition of Write Release, the AI-powered press release tool, and custom GPT. We plan to quickly roll Daily Nugt features into Newsprint and then bolt on Daily Nugt’s AI social media writing capabilities.

Daily Nugt Users Gain Access to Newsprint 

To the Daily Nugt community, welcome to Newsprint. We're committed to maintaining the high-quality service you've enjoyed while integrating Daily Nugt's distinctive features into Newsprint's offerings. This will grant you access to an expanded selection of news sources, enhanced summaries, and personalized content that resonates with your interests.

The Road Ahead

The acquisition of Daily Nugt signifies a significant milestone in our journey. It underscores our dedication to providing a news service that's not just informative but also deeply personalized. We're eager to move forward with this expanded capability and to continue redefining how news is experienced.

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